Finding Housing Close to Care is Priceless

In 2014, my mom was diagnosed with melanoma in her sinuses. After a couple of surgeries, she was scheduled to undergo head and neck radiation for six weeks in Minneapolis, MN, 70 miles away from her rural Minnesota home. This type of radiation is arduous and commuting would be impossible. She needed to find a place to stay near her treatment site.

Fortunately, we learned about a free patient lodging facility near the hospital where she was receiving care. Immediately, a burden was lifted from her shoulders. Lodging was no longer on her list of worries – nor was it on mine.

Our time at the hospitality house transformed her treatment experience. Soon after checking in, we learned that it was far more than just a place to stay. It had become a home away from home for many. We helped each other with meal preparation, running errands, grocery shopping, a smile and moral support. A place we never thought we’d need had become a refuge we could not do without.”

-Jennifer Kirby

Avera has a legacy of providing patient and family housing in Sioux Falls. However, the demand is always greater than the supply. Together, we will raise $2.5 million in generous support to build upon this tradition and provide vital support to hundreds of patients that come to Sioux Falls each year for lifesaving care.

Not all capital campaigns save lives – this one will. I hope you can join me with your support of this effort.

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