One Family, Countless Lives: Cancer Diagnosis Fuels Planned Gift

Bob Nielsen and FamilyCancer has had a profound impact on Bob Nielsen. Bob’s son was diagnosed with cancer as a child. Just as his journey was winding down and he was on the road to remission, Bob’s wife, Rose, was diagnosed with cancer and began her own journey. Tragically, Rose lost her battle. And then Bob himself was diagnosed with cancer.

Thanks to Bob’s positive spirit, and his generosity and willingness to give back to support future generations, Avera St. Mary’s Hospital can provide additional services for breast cancer patients close to home.

Already known for his philanthropic support for projects that benefit patients and families at Avera, Bob’s attention focused on helping local cancer survivors by making care easily accessible.

Recalling his personal experiences with cancer, Bob decided to make a planned gift to the cancer center in Pierre to ensure patients and families have access to quality health care close to home. He provided the necessary funds to expand cancer care services to include a breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, a piece of equipment necessary for diagnostic and follow-up tests, and a fully remodeled suite aptly named the “Rose Nielsen MRI Suite.” Thank you to the Nielsen family and all those who made gifts to help others navigate their journey through cancer.

As a reminder, October is the month to Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Avera believes in providing the best preventive services for early detection. Take the time now to schedule your mammogram. Simply call 605-322-PINK (322-7465) or visit our website to make an appointment and learn more about our breast cancer care services.


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